Terms of Service


Make sure to read this before donating.

By purchasing on this store StellarPvP aka Enchanted Alliance (Beadles Servers)  on PayPal, you understand and agree to all below. All donations are final. You may not stop or revert the transaction in any way once it has been paid. We reserve the right to disallow your use of the server, website, or any related content, regardless of donation. Any and all transactions are final. We reserve the right to edit in any kit, rank or any other package. We reserve the right to close the server if low funds or any other reason. You also accept that you acknowledge all packages are associated with us. Chargebacks are not permitted, by charging back you are banned from the server and we have the right to re-ban you after purchasing an unban. All donations Are Final! By agreeing to the terms and conditions you agree that you will not chargeback any purchases made through this buycraft. If you purchase for items such as spawners, items, etc. and they are lost we are not responsible for that happening. We have the right to reset anything; Classes, Gkits, Ranks, Titles etc. We can clear your donations at any time if we feel the need too.

1. No chargebacks under any condition. If you need help with a donation you must email us first.
2. After a reset, all donations are void.
3. Everything you buy is considered a donation.
4. Chargebacks of any kind result in termination. If you chargeback but want an unban, you must buy what you chargedback TWICE, Dm Beadle#0010 on discord for more info on this rule.
5. Everything is intangible, so there is no shipping or tracking. Email us if a donation doesn't come in withing 30 minutes.

Thank you for considering the Donation. If you need any help email us at B3adle123@gmail.com :)